Company certified according to the highest standards of BRC and IFS classifications. Since 1999, the group has been ICEA certified (Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale) and the company, which is also a member of the national biodynamic association, is authorized to use the international Demeter brand. We market our products with the guarantee of Organic and Biodynamic certifications in the main international markets.


Total traceability along the supply chain, from agricultural production to the finished product, each process is managed in a single company operation.

Bio Organica Italia is among the main, short supply chains in Italy with 100% organic production. Everyday we grow, transform and package in house without any intermediate commercial transition from the field to the final distributor. 

The fresh vegetables with which we make our products come exclusively from the open-air cultivation of the land adjacent to our facilities and are processed within 8 hours of picking. We do not use raw materials from greenhouse crops or frozen products.